State of the State researchers participate in national conference


Professor Paul Apostolidis with the "Secure Communities" research team: Daniel Merritt, Madelyn Petersen, and Spencer May.



Researchers with the State of the State for Washington Latinos at Whitman College are participating in the National Immigrant Integration Conference this week in Seattle, WA.  We look forward to assisting the conference presenters and networking with other researchers equally passionate about the state of Immigrants and Latinos in Washington!

Follow our twitter feed and the comments bellow for news from the conference.!/WALatinosTemp

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7 Responses to “State of the State researchers participate in national conference”

  1. An invigorating day at NIIC! Quite a political spectrum… from the immigrant worker organizer who declared that the US is “turning into a police state” (criticizing the rapid expansion of immigrant jails) to the patriotic celebration featured in the evening naturalization ceremony.

    Great job, my amazing students!

  2. Framing a new coalition: solve the “Care Crisis” by building alliances between aging native-born Americans and immigrant care workers. Interesting proposal from Ai-Jen Poo of the National Domestic Workers’ Alliance here at the Tues. a.m. plenary.

  3. NIIC is such a great opportunity for networking!

    I just had a lovely conversation with David Ayalla the head organizing director of OneAmerica. It was very exciting, he said he’d put me in contact with more Latino community members to interview in Walla Walla. Hopefully this will help me find out how ICE’s collaboration with local law enforcement is affecting Latinos and their families

  4. Got a Survey for jailers from Elsa Lopez of Somos Un Pueblo Unido in New Mexico. This survey asks exactly the kind of questions I’ve been hoping to ask local jail employees in order to find out what the process of detaining someone in Walla Walla is like. Super exciting!

  5. Sat in on the “New Americans and the Immigrant Vote” panel this morning and learned about the work that four incredible organizations and community leaders are doing. I was able to talk afterwards with Petra Falcon from Promise Arizona about how to engage new voters – neat stuff!

  6. A lot to think about and reflect upon after a wonderful few days at the NIIC. Looking forward to applying what we’ve learned to our research and collaborating with the contacts we’ve made. Keep checking and our facebook page for updates!

  7. unos estudiantes llegaron a casa latina esta semana pero mi pregunta es nos tomamos fotos pero me olvide de pedirle una como le hago para q me hagan llegar las fotos a mi correo? aqui se los dejo y gracias aun no entiendo esto de walatinos pero esta muy bueno y buenas personas los estudiantes tambien saludos a todos